The Ark of the Covenant

  3D Instructions

The Bible text about the Ark of the Covenant is Exodus 25:10-22

The Ark of the Covenant is described as a box of gold covered wood with a gold covered top and gold cherubim. We do not know what the cherubin looked like other than the fact that they had golden wings spread over to cover the ark. The Bible describes the ark as gold covered rather than solid gold. To have been solid gold would have made it too heavy to carry. Even so, the ark had to be solidly constructed because it contained the stone tablets of the ten commandments, the jar of manna and Aaron's rod that budded. Gold covered wooden boxes with rings for carrying poles were also found in King Tut's tomb and give us an idea of construction similar to the Bible ark. As the craftsmen of the Isrealites were likely trained by the Egyptians it is not surprising to see some similarities in construction style. A common error of modern artists is to have the rings for the carrying poles at the top of the ark. Exodus 25:12 states that the rings were fastened to the feet. We have shown the rings inside the feet instead of outside the feet as this would have been much more structurally strong for holding up the box containing the stone tablets.

Since a cubit is approximately 18 inches the Ark was some 45 inches wide and 27 inches long and 27 inches tall. Other features of Kington's design are include the arrangement of the poles. We have the poles perpendicular to the ark rather than parallel to the long side of the ark. This is more stable and has the correct width for someone to carry the poles shoulder width. This design meets the Bible text and is very portable, beautiful and practical.

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