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Photo of completed tabernacle model, as available on this site.Photo showing assembly of the surrounding curtain.Photo of interior of main structure.photo of tabernacle kit partsPhoto showing placement of Holy Place walls in the Tabernacle Kit, overhead view




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3D Virtual Tabernacle

General Info:

We are pleased to present this online 3D Virtual Tabernacle. Once you load the viewer, you can walk through the site at your leisure. You can click on the various furniture items of the site and see special information about those items as well as rotate the view of them.. You will need to download the 5MB "Blaxxun" viewer to view the 3D Virtual Tabernacle: 3D VRML Tabernacle.

I have had a fascination with investigating how some of the Bible structures were built. I have a degree in Engineering and was a construction engineer for some 15 years. In 1998 I was experimenting with 3D virtual tabernacles. I have assembled a lot of my research information on this site that I used in my models. I hope that they are helpful.


The Tabernacle is described in detail in the book of Exodus in the Old Testament. It was the traveling worship center for the 12 tribes of Israel as they wandered in the wilderness after leaving Egypt. The Tabernacle not only had great significance in the Old Testament but is alluded to in the New Testament also. Many Christians see great symbolism in the design of the Tabernacle. The Tabernacle, however hasn't existed for thousands of years. Since that time, many have recreated the Tabernacle as graphic images or tabletop models. There are literally thousands of images and scale models. There are at least seven full size reproductions of the Tabernacle. One is in the Middle East and the others are in the U.S. Visit our Tabernacle links page at: Tabernacle Links You can see photos of the Eureka Springs full sized model at the 3DTabernacle
Tabernacle Images page.

There are a variety of reasons for recreating the tabernacle:

  1. Many people like to see things described in the Bible.
  2. Some people simply cannot visualize the text based descriptions of the Bible.
  3. Seeing the physical image often improves learning.
  4. It is easier for teachers to explain the Bible text with a model or image than verbally alone.
  5. The exercise of constructing the model is a great learning experience.
  6. There are a lot of issues such as constructability, portability, etc. that are addressed in recreating the structure.
  7. Recreating the structure helps improve understanding of the Bible text.
  8. Recreating the structure is like solving a great puzzle and is an interesting mental challenge.

Design Philosophy:

The approach one uses in recreating the Tabernacle as a model greatly influences the final product. Different people take different approaches to the Bible text. The approach taken in my virtual reality models are:

  1. BIBLE TEXT: When the Bible text describes something about the Tabernacle, the text will be followed.
  2. FUNCTIONABILITY: When the Bible text is not explicit then the design will first follow function. In general, this means that size and shape of features will give great consideration to:
    1. Structural Soundness
    2. Portability (This was a mobile facility.)
    3. Functionability to purpose of use.
      Design will be limited to the capabilities of the time and the materials believed available to the craftsmen. It is assumed that the craftsmen who made the Tabernacle would have been Egyptian trained and their assumed skills will be followed.
  3. CONTEMPORARY AESTHETICS: When functionability is satisfied then aesthetics will be met with emphasis on what is believed to be considered "beautiful" to the craftsmen of the day. "Beauty" will be based on Hebrew, Egyptian and other contemporary cultures.
  4. OTHER: Efforts will be made to give great consideration to the materials, colors and textures available and in use to the craftsmen of the time.

I have collected on these pages materials from the research I did on the tabernacle. I hope you find them useful.


I have a few more technical calculations for those interested in serious study of the Tabernacle based on engineering principles and calculations. IF you have any questions or comments send them to me at: Email eBibleTeacher.com

Tabernacle model kit photoTABERNACLE KIT
This is a 21 inch by 12 inch Tabernacle Model kit ready to assemble. NOTE: This is NOT the wooden kit! Easier to assemble but not as large as the wooden model. A good tool for teaching, a great project for your Sunday School class or Family.
Click this link to see detailed photos and tips on building your own model: Tabernacle Model Details

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